When it comes to the class of pickup trucks that fits outside the ever-popular full-sized segment, there's one specific model that tends to stand out. If you're shopping with our Boone, NC Toyota dealership, that midsized truck is seen front and center, and with the new 2020 version rolling in, you can get the latest and greatest. Of course we're talking about the new 2020 Toyota Tacoma, which based on production levels, is showcased as one of the most popular trucks on the market.



Whether you care about where your truck is made, or if you're just looking for the finest in the midsized pickup segment, the new 2020 Tacoma is certainly worth your attention. The 2020 version finally includes smartphone integration, which takes things further than competing brands do, by adding Amazon Alexa compatibility along with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems. You also get a bunch of newly available cameras for enhancing off-road visibility, with some updates to your transmission and cabin.

What sticks around for the updated version of the Tacoma is what's made this one of the most popular trucks available. With a variety of cab styles, bed sizes and engines, you can find a Tacoma here in Boone that perfectly suits your style and handles the kinds of driving, towing and hauling you'll be up to. A base-level Tacoma is perfect for light work around home and town, while there's a series of editions that are built for exciting off-road adventures. Head over today and we'll match you up with the perfect setup of the new 2020 Tacoma.

See what makes the Tacoma a highly popular truck by visiting Modern Toyota of Boone today.

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