2019 Toyota Highlander | Model Comparison - Ascent, Palisade & Pilot

Compare the New Toyota Highlander to the Competition in Boone, NC

Looking for a three-row SUV that's capable, efficient and full of useful tech? Few options match the overall versatility and greatness of the new Toyota Highlander, providing families from the Asheville, Wilkesboro and North Wilkesboro areas with a sensible and safe SUV. As you research the many other three-row SUVs available in the Boone, NC area, keep in mind the advantages for pricing, technology, capabilities and interior setup that the Highlander showcases. Before visiting our Toyota dealership from Hickory, Lenoir or Johnson City, apply for financing and read what makes the Highlander your top options for a sensible three-row SUV.

Here we're looking at how the Highlander stacks up to the rest of its class, with one longtime popular three-row SUV and a couple relative newcomers making the most sense as the closest competitors. We're talking about the new Subaru Ascent, Hyundai Palisade and Honda Pilot, and you'll quickly see what makes the Highlander a better choice for your travels around North Carolina and beyond. Read through these comparisons, then visit our Boone, NC Toyota dealership today to find your perfect new Highlander.

Toyota Highlander vs Subaru Ascent

  • While both SUVs offer standard safety equipment, it's a few optional driver aids available with the Highlander that the Ascent lacks that makes the Toyota SUV better. With a surround-view parking camera and a driver attention monitor, the Highlander can be better equipped for safe and sensible driving than the Ascent, which doesn't offer these features.
  • The Highlander offers a pair of engine options, with the recommended V-6 providing more power than the Ascent's lone turbocharged four-cylinder, all while efficiency figures are practically identical in those engine setups.
  • For steering and handling, the Highlander's shorter length than the Ascent actually makes it much easier to maneuver, which combined with the available bird's eye-view camera system makes parking in tight spaces much easier.

Toyota Highlander vs Hyundai Palisade

  • Right from the start, the 3.5-liter V-6 you'll most likely select for the Highlander outperforms the slightly larger V-6 in the Hyundai Palisade, both in terms of horsepower and torque, so if performance is key to your three-row SUV, you know the Toyota is your better bet.
  • With the Palisade being so new, all its specs and figures are not yet available, but early reports suggest it won't match the Highlander's efficiency figures, strong for the three-row class in its V-6 setup. Furthermore, if you want better fuel economy, there's a Highlander Hybrid model coming out soon, while the Palisade has not made it clear if that kind of version will ever be made.
  • The new Palisade starts off as a little more expensive than the base-level Highlander, and understandably, adding options or choosing a higher trim will run its cost much higher.

Toyota Highlander vs Honda Pilot

  • With two engine options for the Highlander, compared to one for Honda's three-row SUV, you'll find better setups in the Toyota three-row family vehicle. Furthermore, the V-6 in the Highlander is considerably more powerful than the Pilot, offering you high-end capabilities.
  • Additionally, the V-6 Highlander is slightly more efficient than the Pilot, helping you to stick to the road longer between needing to refuel quite as often like you would in Honda's three-row SUV.
  • Both of these SUVs come with standard suites of safety features, and they're practically identical. The lone difference is the Highlander comes with automatic high beams, so if you drive around Boone or North Carolina at night often, that feature can actually be incredibly helpful.