Compare the Toyota Camry

Compare to The Nissan Altima, Honda Accord, Sonata & Fusion
Information from Modern Toyota of Boone, serving Hickory & Wilkesboro

We here at our Boone, NC Toyota dealership serving North Wilkesboro, Lenoir, Hickory, Asheville and Johnson City will usually just let our new models speak for themselves. But we know as you search for a new car, you'll want to research your options and make the best choice. With that in mind, we're offering this quick glimpse at how the new 2017 Toyota Camry stacks up against the competition.

Some of the most popular midsized sedans, along with the new Camry, include the Honda Accord, Nissan Altima and Hyundai Sonata. We're comparing each of these models at their base level editions, so consider the price variations and available features in each as you bump up to more advanced setups.

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Camry vs. the Honda Accord in Boone

  • The Camry is the more affordable option compared to the new Accord, giving you more budget room to increase trim levels.
  • You get a generous set of base level features, like premium radio, in the Camry, while many aren't available in the Accord.
  • The Camry offers you more passenger room than the Accord, keeping everyone comfortable and happy while on the go.

Camry vs. the Nissan Altima in Boone

  • Optional premium wheels are available for the Camry, but not for the new Altima at its base level.
  • Cruise control is standard in the Camry, while you'll have to choose a costlier trim level for that basic function in the Altima.
  • The standard power driver's seat in the Camry allows you to perfectly set your seating position up behind the wheel, while you'll be stuck with a manual lever for the Altima.


Camry vs. the Hyundai Sonata in Boone

  • The Camry comes standard with power steering and cruise control, while those are not available in the new Sonata.
  • With the Camry, you have the option for a sunroof, which isn't offered with the Sonata.
  • At the base level of the Camry, you get the Entune telematics suite, while you'll have to bump up to a higher trim level to get the same kind of system in the Sonata.

Camry vs. the Ford Fusion in Boone

  • For less money you can enjoy the Camry's better fuel economy and higher horsepower, leaving the Fusion in the dust waiting for a fill-up.
  • Shoulder room and leg room won't need to be compromised in the Toyota Camry because it offers more than the Ford Fusion does, because apparently the competition doesn't cater to its passengers.
  • Another nifty feature of the Camry is the remote fuel filler door release, and it is not available in the Ford Fusion.