Compare Toyota Corolla

See Why the 2017 Toyota Corolla is Your Best Bet for a Compact Sedan
vs. Ford Focus, Chevy Cruze and Volkswagen Jetta

There are many reasons to choose a small sedan over a larger four-door, or even a crossover. For maximizing your fuel efficiency and finding the best tech and safety features, we recommend the new 2017 Toyota Corolla, a dynamic compact sedan. There are many options in the new Corolla, as well as a generous set of standard features that will typically cost you more to add onto competing models. Find your perfect setup of the new Corolla by heading over to our Boone, NC Toyota dealership serving North Wilkesboro, Lenoir, Asheville, Hickory, Johnson City and Wilkesboro today.

To give you an idea of why the new Corolla is a great choice, look at these comparisons with the 2017 Honda Civic, 2017 Volkswagen Jetta and 2017 Chevrolet Cruze, all researched at their base level editions.

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2017 Toyota Corolla vs. 2017 Honda Civic Comparison in Boone, NC

  • A hugely important factor, the Corolla starts off with a more affordable price at its base level when compared to the new Civic.
  • Even with that lower price, the Corolla adds several safety features that come standard, thanks to the new Toyota Safety Sense suite offered throughout the brand's lineup. Similar safety features in the Civic will cost you more.
  • Simple features like cruise control and a folding rear seat are standard in the Corolla, but not available in the entry level Civic.

2017 Toyota Corolla vs. 2017 Volkswagen Jetta Comparison in Boone, NC

  • The Corolla comes standard with premium radio, power locks and a rear window defroster, all simple features that aren't available in the base level Jetta.
  • The Toyota Safety Sense suite is standard in the Corolla, giving you several driver's assistance systems at no added cost. For the Jetta, a similar set of safety features will require a higher trim level or costly add-ons.
  • Though small cars are designed mainly for the solo commuter, the Corolla offers significantly more passenger space than what you'll find the Jetta.

2017 Toyota Corolla vs. 2017 Chevrolet Cruze Comparison in Boone, NC

  • Once again, the Corolla proves to be the cheaper option from the start, not only coming in at a lower price than the Cruze, but also providing more features in the base level model.
  • With that in mind, the standard Toyota Safety Sense suite in the base level Corolla is a far better value than what you'll have to pay for optional safety packages in the new Cruze.
  • Other standard features in the Corolla include a CD player, cruise control and more, all of which aren't offered in the starting package of the Cruze.