Compare the Toyota Tacoma

Why the 2017 Toyota Tacoma is Your Best Bet for a Midsized Pickup Truck in Boone
vs. Nissan Frontier, Chevrolet Colorado and Ram 1500

There are a lot of truck options out there. But for the best blend of drivability and performance, the new 2017 Toyota Tacoma proves to be your best bet. You'll find the best setup of the new Tacoma here at our Boone, NC Toyota dealership serving North Wilkesboro, Lenoir, Asheville, Hickory, Johnson City and Wilkesboro, and we'll be sure to go over all the details. Like all our new Toyota models, we hold the Tacoma in the highest regard, and you'll see below how it compares to other pickups. When you're ready for a test drive, visit 225 Modern Drive, Boone, NC today.

With so many trucks available, you'll want to spend plenty of time researching all your options. To give you a jumpstart on that process, we're comparing the new 2017 Toyota Tacoma to the 2016 Nissan Frontier, 2016 Chevy Colorado and the 2017 Ram 1500, all in their basic, 4x4 editions. Since most trucks offer multiple cab and bed setups and drivetrain options, you'll have to keep all your options in mind as you price and configure your new Tacoma. But here's a quick glance at why the new 2017 Tacoma is your best bet for a midsized truck.

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The 2017 Toyota Tacoma vs. the Nissan Frontier in Boone, NC

  • The Tacoma offers a roadside assistance program, which isn't available with the new Frontier.
  • In its four-cylinder setup, the Tacoma is far more fuel efficient than the new Frontier.
  • The Tacoma comes with standard power features, while those are only available in higher trim levels of the Frontier.
  • The entry level bed length for the Tacoma is longer than the five-foot bed offered in a similar setup of the Frontier.

The 2017 Toyota Tacoma vs. the Chevrolet Colorado in Boone, NC

  • At its base level, the Tacoma is considerably more affordable than the Colorado, giving you more wiggle room in your budget to upgrade engine capability and add features.
  • The Tacoma starts off with a far more generous set of features, like a standard CD player, premium radio and a 12-volt power outlet, all of which are unavailable in the Colorado.
  • The Tacoma earns a four-star rating for the overall rollover crash test, while the Colorado only earned three stars.
  • In similar setups, the Tacoma can handle a slightly larger payload in the bed, when compared to the Colorado.

The 2017 Toyota Tacoma vs. the Ram 1500 in Boone, NC

  • The Ram 1500 is only available in V-6 or V-8 setups, so if you want better efficiency, the four-cylinder Tacoma is the way to go.
  • Similarly, base level setups of the Tacoma are far more affordable than even the cheapest Ram 1500 options. Even the upgraded V-6 Tacoma is more affordable than the Ram 1500.
  • Any setup of the Tacoma is going to offer more standard features than the Ram 1500, like a folding rear seat and CD player.
  • The Tacoma cabs are slightly larger than the Ram 1500 offerings, making the driver and any passengers more comfortable for the ride.